Welcome to March Street Allotment Gardens

The March Street Community Gardens Group (MSCGG) came into existence following Newcastle City Council (NCC) adopting a Community Gardens Program in 1999. 

In June, 2000, NCC published  ‘Community Gardens’, a booklet which was the official guide to the community greening volunteer training program, and it was expected that all community garden groups use it.

In November 2021 we changed the name to the March Street Allotment Gardens (MSAG) to more accurately reflect how the garden is run differently than other community gardens in our area.  Our gardens have a set number of raised plots, and these are rented on a yearly basis by an individual, allowing each owner to plant and exclusively grow their own produce for their own use. Similar to garden plots found in many European countries. This means, what is being grown is not open to the community/public to pick what is being grown. The produce and plants grown at the Gardens are owned and managed by the individual members. We welcome visitors to come and visit the gardens but ask people not to remove or pick produce from any of the gardens.

The MSAG has its own charter, which spells out its mission statement, aims and objectives. 


In addition, the MSAG has a set of rules which it expects its members to abide by, following their induction including attending monthly working bee days and keeping their beds and paths free of weeds.

The MSAG  is an autonomous group of garden enthusiasts who have been permitted by Newcastle City to make use of a designated area of land and materials in March Street Reserve, Kotara – just a short distance from Blackbutt Reserve and right alongisde Newcastle Council’s Greening Centre. In 2020 we celebrated 21 successful years of managing the gardens.

We are now hitting 25 years… a milestone for community gardens in the Newcastle area.



As at the end of March 2024,  we have some garden plots available. Download and complete the application form and email to:   You will be contacted by our Treasurer/Plot Coordinator to be allocated a plot.

Don’t have time to manage a garden plot?
You can become an Associate Member for just $5 per year – come and assist with the shared beds, weeding and keeping the lawns and grounds maintained – come and get to know our members!



Members of the group –  apart from making use of an allocated allotment plot, can take part in a variety of activities such as:

  • worm farm
  • growing herbs
  • compost making
  • fruit trees
  • plant sales
  • honey sales
  • learning about propagating
  • meet other people who enjoy gardening and growing.




Please email The Secretary
with your membership enquiries and for garden plots availability.


Friday and Saturday mornings are the most popular days and time to attend.  On Friday mornings members arrive at around 9am to help clean up around the garden grounds.  At 10am we stop for a cuppa and a chat, swapping news, and talking about things of interest and all things gardening of course! Feel free to drop in to join us if you’d like to know more.

On Saturday mornings you will find our working members come along to tend their gardens, chat and help tidy the place.

See the whiteboard at The Gardens for what we are doing, upcoming events and information.



The last Saturday of the month are our Working-Bee days – these start at 9am. There is always the opportunity for a cuppa and chat – feel free to bring a small plate to share or if we have enough members attending we will host a BBQ.

This is also the best day to come along to speak to our members, ask any questions and to see the gardens in action and learn about any upcoming projects.

We also sell honey on these days – $8 a jar – the money raised goes towards buying and maintaining our equipment and for supplies – the gardens are for all members to enjoy.



Our Current Committee




Website & Social Media


Treasurer & Plots Coordinator


Social Media & Events



Members pay for a private garden allotment, allowing you to grow a wide variety of produce
7 days/week

Member Gardener's Information

We believe that our site, together with the other features of the BLACKBUTT RESERVE, are tourist attractions.  The Gardens that were  first established by Newcastle City Council in 1999, has been maintained and improved by the founding gardeners and new-members.  As the caretakers of this beautiful space, our goal is to ensure that it survives and continues to meet the needs of the community.

In addition to maintaining your own garden plot weekly, our Members are asked to help out with:

• Tending and maintaining the Worm Farm, producing “worm juice”
• Keeping pathways free of weeds, leaf matter
• Composting duties… soil enrichment process
• Growing herbs for cooking
• General grounds weeding and watering
• Maintain your individual garden plot from weeds
• Attending monthly Working-Bee day (last Saturday of every month)
• Caring for tools – sharpening, oiling, etc
• Mowing roster of the lawn

some of the local wildlife that visit the Gardens


We would like to acknowledge the long-standing support and assistance provided our our Group, including the land that we are setup on. The Council have played a major role in allowing us to develop and improve the gardens for over 21 years.

Special mention goes to Newcastle Council’s Gardens Coordinator – Mark Pepperall and his team, who are always there to encourage and provide assistance and who support the efforts of the Committee to continually improve the Gardens for its members and visitors.


Bunnings Kotara and Bunnings Bennetts Green have been a great supporters of our Gardens and we acknowledge their ongoing advice and contribution to our Group.

Bunnings Kotara is located in the HomeMaker Centre, Kotara.
Bunnings Bennetts Green is located on the Pacific Highway, Bennetts Green near Anaconda
Opening hours can be found at the website:



An online seed store for Australian Gardeners.  Australian owned and operated business based in Ferntree Gully, The Dandenongs, Victoria.

Specialising in:

  • Herb, vegetable and flower seeds
  • Heirloom, open pollinated, non hybrid and non GMO seeds with no chemical treatments.
  • Custom made seed packets




What kind of activities are there that we can get involved with at the Gardens?

Excursions, working-bees, education sessions, learning from other members and barbecues. The NEWS + GALLERY page has information about what’s on and our archive of Newsletter – these are free to download.

Can I pick the produce at the gardens?

No, please do not remove anything from any part of the Gardens. Our plots are owned by our members who invest money, effort and time into growing the plants in their garden beds. 

We are an Allotment Garden where individuals grow produce for their own consumption.  


When are the Gardens open?

We are open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset

Members of the public can come to MSC Gardens to view our garden. Each allotment is privately owned by a member who plays for their allotment and the produce they grow in it. Please don’t pick or remove produce from any of the gardens.

If you are interested in joining the best time to visit is 10am on a Friday morning to chat to our members and enjoy a cuppa or email our Secretary –


Do you have a limit on how many members can join?

We warmly encourage new member enquiries – either as an allotment owner or a social member. Social membership is $10/year.

Fresh ideas, new faces and enthusiastic new  members are always welcome to visit on a Friday morning at 10am, weather permitting and  join us for a coffee.

Do I need to know anything about gardening to become a member?

No, you can be any age, and experience isn’t necessary… just come along with a passion or interest in learning about gardening. Our members have a wealth of information and are always happy to answer any questions and can steer you in the right direction if you get stuck.

For example what time of year to plant certain vegetables, how to prepare the soil, pests and weeds… there’s always something new to learn.

What does it cost to join?

There is a yearly allotment levy fee of $15 per allotment, payable in June every year and $10/year for social members to join the MSC Gardens.

If you are interested in joining our Gardens send an email to the Secretary – for more information.  Come on a Friday or Saturday morning at 9.30-10.30am to  speak to one of our Committee Members or have a chat with one of our gardeners.