Dear March St Gardeners & Visitors.

Below is our current Covid-19 information for attending and for our members.  All members have a duty of care to one another to ensure we work in a safe and a virus-free environment using the Governments social distancing measures.

•  Friday Morning Cuppa held at 10am (weather permitting) – bring your own mug and thermos.
•  Exercise a 1.5 metre social distance between each other as some of our members are elderly.
•  If you are unwell, PLEASE DON’T ATTEND THE GARDENS (stay home and recover).
•  Bring garden tools from home.
•  If you need to use club tools, please ensure you wear latex or dish washing gloves when using the tools.
•  Dish washing gloves can be cleaned and re-used which is great for the environment.
•  Sign in and out of the attendance book every time you visit.

•  Make sure you remove the weeds from your pathway in front of your garden beds and in your plot every week. Keep up the battle of the weeds to keep our gardens looking tidy. If your garden plot has weeds now’s the perfect time for you to clean up your act.
•  Please remove noxious weeds such as Wandering Dew, Blackberry and Stinging Nettle. Council has asked us to be diligent removing them and under no circumstances are members to plant Stinging Nettle or Blackberry in any area of the gardens. Please remove and take them  home with you and place in your green bin – these ARE NOT TO GO IN OUR COMPOSTING BIN AREA.
•  Trim overhanging plants from garden beds and keep our garden looking beautiful and well maintained.
•  General weeding around the gardens is appreciated by all members.
• Members are reminded to only plant veges and other plants in their individual allotment garden plots – don’t randomly plant things in the gardens as it will be removed
• Members are required to sign in and out of the attendance book every time you attend the garden.

Visitors are encouraged to visit our Gardens on a Friday morning from 9am where they have the opportunity to speak with members to learn about our patch of gardening paradise.  Unlike other Community Gardens our members pay for their individual garden plots – so please don’t help yourself to the produce being grown. Thank you.

Regards. John Hoskin,
Chairperson/MSCGardens Coordinator

The Gardens celebrated 21 years in 2020!

The March Street Community Gardens Group (MSCGG) came into existence following the Newcastle City Council (NCC) adopting a Community Gardens Program in 1999. In June, 2000, the NCC published ‘Community Gardens’, a booklet which was the official guide to the community greening volunteer training program, and it was expected that all community garden groups use it.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”



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