Dear March St Gardeners & Visitors – Newcastle LGA is currently lifting Covid Lockdown restrictions in line with NSW Health guidelines.

The Committee was advised by NSW Health to take part in the COVID-safe check-in system set up by the NSW Government.

We advise all members to check in using your smart phone. If you don’t have a smart phone you can still sign in using the red book as we all
still need to do this as it is a Council requirement.
The other changes are:
– only fully vacinated members can attend their gardens in the morning; and
– unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated members can attend the gardens in the afternoon.
– only one person at a time allowed in the shipping container and all tools used have to be cleaned down with the germicidal wipes
provided and put away.

Masks, covered flat shoes and gloves are still required to be worn.

All members are respectfully reminded it is compulsory to sign into the Attendance Book every time when you arrive, and a time when you leave.

Thank you.

John Hoskin,
Chairperson/MSCGardens Coordinator

The Gardens celebrated 21 years in 2020!

The March Street Community Gardens Group (MSCGG) came into existence following the Newcastle City Council (NCC) adopting a Community Gardens Program in 1999. In June, 2000, the NCC published ‘Community Gardens’, a booklet which was the official guide to the community greening volunteer training program, and it was expected that all community garden groups use it.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”



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