Dear March St Gardeners & Visitors

I was advised on Friday 1 May 2020 by Council that our community garden can be reopened. Today Monday 4 May 2020, the committee met to discuss how the new rules will apply to us all in order for us to operate the garden again. 

All members have a duty of care to one another to ensure we work in a safe and a virus-free environment using the social distancing measures.

•  Friday morning tea will recommence on Friday 12 June.
•  Please bring your own mug and thermos as the club cups are still off limits.
•  Exercise a 1.5 metre social distance between each other as some of our members are elderly.
•  If you are unwell, PLEASE DON’T ATTEND (stay home and recover).
•  Bring garden tools from home.
•  If you need to use club tools, please ensure you wear latex or dish washing gloves when using the tools.
•  Dish washing gloves can be cleaned and re-used.
•  Sign in and out using gloves.

•  Remove the weeds from pathways and your garden beds.
•  Please take weeds home with you for green bin pick up by Council.
•  Chicken pen needs to be cleaned and the pumpkin vine removed from the fence.
•  Various overhanging plants from garden beds need to be pruned back.
•  The continuation of the weeding of the Camellia beds.
•  The continuation of weeding and preparation of the community beds for planting.

John Hoskin, Chairperson/Treasurer



The Gardens celebrate 21 years in 2020

The March Street Community Gardens Group (MSCGG) came into existence following the Newcastle City Council (NCC) adopting a Community Gardens Program in 1999. In June, 2000, the NCC published ‘Community Gardens’, a booklet which was the official guide to the community greening volunteer training program, and it was expected that all community garden groups use it.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”



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